Anylouder’s ” SAVE THE ONE HORNED RHINO ” Project !!!

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A Rhino killed for its Horn !!!

The One Horned Rhino of Assam is no less than a spectacle, a beauty of nature . It is a state heritage and a treasure for the whole world . The Kaziranga National Park , Pobitora in Marigaon and The Orang National Park in the Darrang District of Assam , India account for almost 95% of the total Wild One Horned Rhino population in the world. But lately poaching and exploitation of the beautiful animal for its priced horn has become a major issue and is causing a decline in the population of the Rhino and at an alarming rate . It is now an endangered species . From 2010 to 2015 itself 121 were Rhinos were poached out of which approximately 38 were itself in The Kaziranga National Park , which is a matter of deep concern.

The Anylouder team came up with the idea of spreading awareness about the one horned rhino but with a differencewith the ” SAVE THE ONE HORNED RHINO” Project. The Anylouder team took music as a weapon and asked the music fraternity , not just in Assam but the whole world to come forward and support and represent it everywhere. And we succeeded as the whole world is pouring in with help and support for the cause.wildlife-rhino

We approached legendary rock musicians to represent us in their countries and we now have Mr Allen Mckenzie ( Firehouse ) , Mr Jeff Watson ( Ex Night Ranger , Mother’s Army , solo ) representing us in The USA , Mr Colin Edwin representing us in the UK and Mr Gregg Kofi Brown ( Osibisa ) representing us from Africa and iconic musicians like Mark Slaughter  ( Slaughter ) ; Greg Howe ( Solo , Michael Jackson , Christina Aguilera ) ; Neil Zaza ( solo ) ;  Uli Jon Roth ( Ex Scorpions , Electric Sun , Solo ) ; Dr Palash Sen ( Euphoria  ) amongst others . German Rock Legends BONFIRE will officially represent us in Germany.

We have local music heartthrob Joi Barua supporting us and many other musicians waiting to join in the project to take it to a global scale. As a result we are also starting the fest that will be initiate our project globally with BONFIRE coming down to Guwahati to start it with a rocking performance .!!!

We are also planning for the first ever International fest dedicated to the One Horned Rhino this year which will also make it the first full fledged international Rock concert in the city as well. With support pouring from people all over the Globe we are waiting for the Sponsors and Funds to initiate the Project !!!!

Anylouder wants all of your support to make it a more bigger Global event , a Global event which is Assam’s own !!!

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