The Book Of Souls – Iron Maiden


The Book of souls” is the sixteenth studio album by British heavy metal legends Iron Maiden.Being released after 5 years of their previous offering it also is the longest gap between two Maiden albums.It was released on the 4th of September,2015 under Parlophone.It is a double cd album and at 92 minutes in its entirety it also is the longest Maiden album ever,The album was announced by lead singer Bruce Dickinson in 2013 .It was recorded in Guillaume Tell Studios in Paris.

Iron Maiden has always been a band that is larger than life. Their albums are intricate ,the live shows are powerful beyond imagination and their presence undeniably effervescent. The Book of Souls ” is no different. It is musical brilliance again by the band and though the length of the album might put listeners off at times it still has every ingredient to enthrall one and all. The album is what Maiden is all about.It certainly is monotonous at times with tracks touching as long as 18 minutes but all in all it screams Metal and Maiden. The album opener “If Eternity should fail” starts with a prodigious riff and escalates into Maiden madness.The eight and a half minute starter reminds us of what these guys are capable of.Although lead singer Bruce Dickinson’s singing wears off at times and it is understandable considering his treatment for throat cancer,it still is quite powerful.”Speed of light”:and “The Great Unknown” are two great follow up numbers with some engaging grooves and pieces. The fourth track in the first Cd “The Red and the Black’ is probably the song of the album.The thirteen minute long track is  truly an epic monster which divulges into the realms of mortality and divine souls.It has one of the most complex and sturdy basslines by Harris and will in time have a royal musical affinity. The title track on the other hand is a let down but is made up by “Tears of a clown” which depicts the life of actor Robin Williams and his apparent suicide in 2014.The 18 minute closing track ” Empire of the clouds” is a fitting end to the album.Bruce Dickinson’s vocal prowess comes to the forefront in this one and it just excels.The track is Maiden’s longest ever.The production is flawless as expected

The Book of Souls” is undeniably Maiden-ish all over and is quite a relish.It is monotonous and preditictive at times yet more than makes up for it with the music it offers.It is worth listening to a few times although the album may not be as catchy as we would have wanted it to be .It nonetheless is the best Maiden album since “Brave new world” and brings out some of the best performances by the band .


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