Review : Waira scores big with her first EP ” Under a Black hat ” !!!


Well first things first – I came across Waira while going through an indie folk playlist on Youtube . The track was ” Don’t Cry ” and i was blown away by it and as days passed i ended up interviewing her . My first impression was ” This girl from Italy is going to make it big ” and when i took her interview i came to know she was already touring the UK and other places even before her EP was out

The EP ” Under a Black Hat ” releases tomorrow officially but the management was kind enough to send me a copy for review and was i impressed ? Definitely yes. After Listening to ” Don’t Cry ” ( which i feel deserves to get listened , applauded and treasured ) i was pretty eager to explore her music more and i got the chance with the EP in my hands. To put it simply , the EP is inspired , fresh and indie folk / pop of the top billing. ” Nothing to lose ” kicks it off in some style. It is a simple indie pop number which is quite reminiscent  of James Blunt’s ” Carry you home ” . Its simplicity is its high point . ” Wrong way ” takes it from where the first track left but this ones’ more on the lines of a ballad .I was particularly drawn towards the beauty of the arrangement and songwriting.  ” House of Cards ” is a great follow up with her voice growing more intense yet soothing . The track itself is very mellow with enough sing along characteristics to it. ” Don’t cry ” is definitely the USP of the album. Its one of the most original , beautiful and unequivocal song i have listened to in the genre for some time now. The way she carries the song is commendable , the subtleties of it all. It has some serious enigma to it that will appeal to the mass listeners , For me it is a billboard material. The concluding song ” Rain ” ends the EP on a resounding note. It  again is a very indie folk-ish /pop  number with some serious vibe to it ending an impressive catalogue with you wanting for more . Well there always is the repeat mode and i did just that.

” Under a Black hat ” is too good to be ignored . The EP is pure and uncompromising music at its best. The arrangements were petty tight and the technical aspect of the sound was up there with the top names.  It transcends the genre boundary in a way as well. Waira delivers it big in her very first attempt . Its a must listen for every music fan.


Reviewed by : Ashiqur Rohman 



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