” HENGDANG ” – A Soul , A Song and Assamese Pride !!!


HENGDANG ‘ usually used to describe a typical Ahom sword is the apt title of talented Assamese musician Preetom Dutta’s new single and in context of it, every word rings true to what it wants to portray. Preetom Dutta’s new album ” Small Town Boy ” features this riveting single that has been creating ripples in the local music scene . With a lot of things said and done regarding the pathetic state of the Assamese music scene , Preetom Dutta’s ” Hengdang ” brings a  new hope in its sheer musical brilliance and veracious account of the socio-political state of the state through its lyrics. 

Preetom Dutta ,  for those who are not familiar with, started his career with his album “Krishna” in 2010 and shifted to Mumbai in 2012 and is presently working as a music producer in Bollywood. Randeep Hooda’ starrer “Lal Rang” is his first Bollywood movie and has also worked with KK ,Kailash Kher, Kumar Sanu, Shaan, Madhushree Bhattacharya as a music producer in various projects.

” Hengdang ” musically is an attribute to the brilliant talent Assam has musically and to the fact that we still have independent artists creating high quality music with sheer hard work and talent. The track is uncompromising and bold to say the least and a first time listen would leave your hair stand on its end. The overall production is praiseworthy but a few things that stands out are Preetom’s portrayal of the song vocally ,the concept  by Shahnawaz Rahman  and VFX by Sasanka Bora, Deepjyoti Bordoloi and Sohom Das . The composition is good and the overall production is applaudable. Hendang is on a league of its own on so many levels and showcases the independent music talents that Assam has. 

When asked about the song this is what The HENGDANG team had to say  –

” When our very social fabric as the greater Assamese society is under the threat from xenophobia and hatred in the name of majoritarian religious and identity politics this is the voice of the common people. HENGDANG is not just a song for us, its the hidden aggression of every Assamese people. Through the song we are trying to portray some of the real scenarios of Assam by requesting the Assamese soul to come up together against all evils by holding hands of one another and fighting for it. Otherwise this evil will ruin the Assamese society to no end, leaving the Assamese folks suffering the consequence “

Anylouder caught up with Preetom Dutta and asked him about the origins of the song –

” It’s all started one and half years ago from the terrace of my Varsova room at Andheri West…some of my friends got together for a dinner and Shahnawaz Rahman(composer of the song) made me listen to one of his father’s (Tofiqur Rahman) lyrics….”Ase Hengdang luwa nai lole Hengdang rokhya nai…” and initially he approached me to produce (arrange) the song…and this how HENGDANG came about .” 

The team behind HENGDANG –

Album: Small Town Boy
Song: Hengdang
Lyrics: Tofiqur Rahman
Composition: Shahnawaz Rahman & Sharmin Sultana
Singer: Preetom Dutta
Music Producer: Manash Borthakur
Guitar: Kandarpa Kalita
Bass Guitar: Himangshu Borah
Mixing & Mastering: Pankaj Borah (Phatbox Studio, Mumbai)
Recorded @ Euphony Studio (Mumbai)

Producer: Nazbin Sultana
Concept & DOP: Shahnawaz Rahman
Director & Editor: Sasanka Bora
VFX Artist: Sasanka Bora, Deepjyoti Bordoloi, Sohom Das
Graphic Design: Deepjyoti Bordoloi
Colourist: Sameer Gogoi
Production Design: Mustaque Bhuyan


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