A Pre Review of Finnish Melodic Death Metal band Insomnium’s upcoming album ” Winter’s Gates “


Finnish Melodeath Titans Insomnium have announced that they’ll be releasing their brand new, most awaited album Winter’s Gate on September 23,  via Century Media Records. So here’s a small review for our readers before the release. The most interesting thing about Winter’s Gate is, it’s a concept album, the whole thing being one 40-minute long, dreamy master piece. For the first time we’ve seen something like this, with no breaks, unique and flawless ! According to the band, Winter’s Gate – an album and a book, is based on a short story of the same name about a group of Vikings who set out to find a fabled island even though winter is coming ( sounds a bit Game of Thrones? Pardon me )573E1824-insomnium-to-release-winters-gate-album-book-in-september-image

Now, for the music , we’d like to point out the gorgeous eargasmic lead and rhythm guitar shredding with haunting melodic solos and synthesizer work, along with the phenomenal bass and drumming, giving the whole album an atmospheric, doom inspired touch followed by skin piercing death metal ! Also, the use of group vocals and serene piano pieces is bound to set the album apart from their earlier work. As for the end part of this masterpiece, it is rich in more melodic elements; a calm, atmospheric, dreamy portrait of a beautiful blazing winter. At last, the cold winds of winter brush through the gates one final time, then fade out.

A very new approach from the band, Winter’s Gate is one of the most unique releases of the year, nothing less than a treasure of pure atmospheric elements mixed with the band’s signature dreamy melodeath sound. So I suggest that you better be ready for this epic atmospheric-doom-melodeath journey! Finally, kudos to the band for such a great concept.insomniumwintersgatecdnew

Reviewed by : Shibalika Tamuli 

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