Review : Coldplay’s ” Head full of dreams “


Coldplay’s seventh studio album ” A Head Full Of Dreams ” got released to a great fanfare and optimism yet has failed to capture the glory the band once had . Its definately a back to the basics albumas far as the pop element is concerned and by the sound of it and with songs laden with the sweet melanchony to it ( much of which is because of vocalist Chris Martin’s break up with actress Gwyneth Paltrow  ) and artsy stadium pop attributes to it . The album isn’t bad , certainly better than some of their recent work but still fails to stir up a storm and loses out after a couple of listens.

The album starts with the title track and is infact a nice start to the album. The track screams Coldplay from the word go and makes you stand up to it and listen. The disco feel to the song makes it worthy of being the album opener. But as good as it starts , “Bird” lets u down instantly. The track feels over optimistic and falls away right at the start. “Hymn for the weekend ” features the soothing vocals of Beyonce and actually feels more like a Black eyed peas song than Coldplay’s. ” Everglow ” is my personal favourite on the album and it exemplifies the hurt Chris had to go though and speaks volumes about his feelings. ” Adventure of a lifetime ” and ” Fun ” again brings you to square one. Its Coldplay but all seen and heard.  ” Army of one ” is definately the song of the album. It is pure bliss in many ways. Chris sounds like he used to during ‘ X & Y ‘ and the track feels more and more like a ‘ Rush of blood to the head ‘ song. ‘ Up & up ‘ is fun, gloss pop and positive . It marks the point where the band tries to show that they have moved on from the heartaches .

This album certainly tells you one story : Coldplay is no longer a rock band they once used to be and in a way it also marks the fact that inspite of being the biggest band in the world , its not always necessary that they would produce great albums one after the other. Lyrically , as usual it is average as Chris has never been known as a great lyricist but somehow though more than manages to put his word through in songs like ” Everglow ” and ” Fun “. The album infact is not bad but with the standard Coldplay had alreadys set i doubt they would ever be able to recreate the magic in their future albums.

” A Head Full of Dreams ” is good in parts , average in some and completely non Coldplay at times yet it doesn’t fail to get you hooked in parts. The album does potray one thing though – Coldplay have moved on !!!!

Watch the video here : Adventure of a lifetime


Tracklisting :

01. A Head Full Of Dreams
02. Bird
03. Hymn For The Weekend
04. Everglow
05. Adventure Of A Lifetime
06. Fun (feat. Tove Lo)
07. Kaleidoscope
08. Army Of One
09. Amazing Day
10. Colour Spectrum
11. Up&Up


7.0 Good
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