The Man Who-Travis


16 years ago on May 24,Scottish rock icons “TRAVIS” released “The Man Who”,their second studio album which in the course of time would become one of the greatest album in the modern rock history catapulting the band to heights which was beyond compare.Travis become one of the biggest band in the world and would fill packed arenas everywhere they performed.The album’s succes has never been matched since then in the last 16 years and it shot to #1 in the British charts.

The songs in the album were written even before the songs of their first album “Good Feeling” and the single “Why does it always rain on me” became an iconic anthem and the signature track of the band.The song was written while Singer Fran Healy was on a vacation in Israel as he wanted to go somewhere sunny but upon his arrival till his departure it kept on raining and this inspired the central idea of the song.The album opened with the cult classic “Writing to Reach you” which Singer Fran Healy wrote while listening to 74-75 by The Connells and included the same guitar chords as that of “Wonderwall” by Oasis,even acknowledging Oasis in the song in the lyrics as “What’s a wonderwal anyway” .”Driftwood” also became one of their biggest hits and recieved massive airplay.The song was ranked #39 on the list of 100 greatest songs of the 90s.

The album won two BRIT awards and was voted as the 70th greatest album of all times by Q magazine.It also was ranked 2nd in the greatest album list in the last 30 years just behind Oasis’s “What’s the story , Morning Glory”. The album sold 2.7 million copies.”The Man Who” Still remains one of the most listened albums in post Brit pop history and truly classifies as a gem.



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