Rock and roll renegade


Album : Rock and roll renegade
Band : Rock Machine
Year : 1988
Key Tracks: “Top of the rock ” ; “Can’t wait anymore” ; ” Rocking in the USSR”

“Rock and roll renegade” probabaly needs no introduction as far Indian rock fans are concerned. It is probably one of the most celebrated moment in the Indian independent rock scene and one of the most acclaimed rock album in the country. The album was the brainchild of the band ” Rock Machine” which later came to be known more popularly as Indus Creed.It was India’s first all original rock album and it sold out in large numbers.The album also resulted in a lot of other music enthusiast to take up rock music with confidence.The album was the starting of it all. Released in 1988 under CBS, the album took the music scene by storm.It was not only a high voltage, kick in the face rock and roll album with songs like “Top of the rock “; “Polyvinyl lady ” but also had an influence of genres like glam/hair metal where sappy ballads were the order of the day and “Karen” ; “Can’t wait anymore” were a testimony to that.Uday Benegal’s sturdy voice blended perfectly with the band’s sound. Mahesh tinaiker wove magic with his guitarplay and Zubin balaporia’s fingers on the keys were no less. The second track “Top of the rock” was an instant hit and with quite a sleek music video accompanying it , it made things look better than ever.It is still one of the most iconic Rock song in the Indian rock scene .The album was pure magic and showed that India can rock to .Rock and roll renegade to this day stands the test of time and reminds us of where it all began.


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