ABSTRACT – The New kids in town !!!!!!


Rock n’ Roll is not dead in the Northeast and Guwahati band Abstract validates the point. The Anylouder team came across the band at METANOIA 2015 when they impressed the team with their blend of Rock n’ roll and the dynamics on stage. They are young , spirited and have some “sui generis” vibe about them. Abstract started off as an idea, a name which occured to the band’s lead guitarist Biswadeep. Eventually the drummer, Mrinmoy and Biswadeep started jamming sessions and called in a common friend Joydeep for vocals. Since three different people had three different tastes of music, it was decided that the band will be an ‘experimental’ act. Songs were composed and the band was almost complete, except that there was no bass player and no rhythm guitars. So another two friends, Bobet and Mrigonav were invited to jam and became the bassist and the rhythm guitars respectively. The first stage performance was at Concensio 2015 at RGI in January. Later on the band attended almost all the competitions in and around Guwahati and started becoming a part of the rock and metal scene at Guwahati. The first breakthrough came when the band performed at Cafe Hendrix. Afterwards the band played at a couple of commercial areas and events. In October, Abstract took a step out of the city and travelled to Dibrugarh University for Auxesis 2015. The band was among the final 6 and Biswadeep was entitled ‘Best Guitarist’. Unfortunately Mrigonav had to leave the band for his higher education and subsequently, Salswkang Jamatia, an old friend, was called in for the rhythm guitars. With the present line up, the band performed at IIT Mumbai’s Mood Indigo Livewire (NE region) prelims and Metanoia, (Techxetra, Tezpur University) 2015. Abstract was one of the finalists, again, and bagged the titles ‘Best Guitarist’ and ‘Best original composition’. With so many stages covered, the band has been successful in releasing its debut single ‘Hades’ in mid 2015.
The band is influenced with heavy metal, hard and soft rock, rock and roll, and a lil bit of djent.

When asked about what the future holds for the band they said, ” So long the journey has been good for a newly formed family. There are future plans which are yet to be figured out with a view to make a stand for a completely new and different sound.”

Band line up:

Joydeep Gohain (Vocals)
Mrinmoy Das (Drums)
Bobet Sana Keisam (Bass)
Biswadeep Das (Lead)


Auxesis 5.0 Finalist
Best Guitarist (Auxesis)
Techxetra 2015 Finalist
Best Guitarist (Techxetra)
Best Original Composition (Techxetra)


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