When Anylouder Met Gilby Clarke and Friends !!!!

Mementos for the Anylouder team

Mementos for the Anylouder team

10th of October ,2015 was a much anticipated day for the Guwahati rock fans and music lovers alike as the stage was set for International rock Icon Gilby Clarke ( ex Guns N’ Roses ) who was on a four city tour of India along with ex White lion drummer Troy Patrick Farrell and bassist EJ curse.Guwahati was the second stop for their tour and NEZCC stadium was the venue.The Anylouder team was the only media that had an interview set up with the Super trio and were personally invited by the band for a colloquy where they would share their experience of India thus far.

The super trio landed at about 2 pm at the LGB international airport , Guwahati.and immediately after landing i got a message from Troy confirming their arrival.He then asked me to come to the venue where we woulld be given special passes to meet them for their interview.They then set off for Radisson blu , where they would rest and have lunch before heading for the venue to do the soundcheck.

The Anylouder team on the other hand were preparing for a welcome of the Super trio in the  traditional vein of things.We arrived at the venue at about 5pm and learnt that the band had just entered the premises and we were being asked to go inside and wait till they had finished their Souncheck.But we rather opted to stay and watch them do the Soundcheck. The audience hadn’t yet built up but the night was young.Gilby, Troy and Ej took stage and started navigating through the technical aspect of their soundcheck.The moment was one that we felt proud of as Guwahatians for being hosts to the icons.The soundcheck began and they just showed why they were international icons.Their immaculate understanding of the sound and the technicalities were just admirable and something local bands can take a cue from.The sound provided was top notch from Guitar house and the band were happy with Diganta Sharma,the sound engineer.After the soundcheck was over they called us to their room where they were all resting .It started to pour a bit then but it quickly subsided.We went up to their room and were shown in.We greeted them with traditional Assamese “Gamuchas” which they loved and even enquired about.When we told them it was hand woven they were suprised at the beauty of the thing.EJ even asked if he could wear it on stage while playing to which we replied in positive.We then settled ourselves for the interview after having a chat with the three about their careers and their music.The interview commenced and this is what they had to say :

Anylouder : Welcome Guys to Guwahati.How has been the experience?

Gilby : We haven’t got to experience Guwahati much yet.We just got here this afternoon (laughs), but more than anything people in India are very peaceful and warm and everybody we’ve met so far have been sweet to us and you can feel that it is genuine.

Anylouder: First of Gilby we just want to know after Guns N’ Roses you took to a solo career .So how has it shaped up and what was the perspective of this tour with Troy and Ej and where are you headed next ?

Gilby :You got it. First of all Troy and Ej has already experienced India and they are the ones who told me about their wonderful experience and we being adventurous we thought of coming here as rock n’ roll is so popular here.

Anylouder : How is it different being a solo artist than being in a band ?

Gilby : (Laughs) Its actually easy being solo as you don’t have to listen to anyone .A band has a personality on its own and everybody has opinion and those opinions has values.As a solo artist its about your own vision and bringing the right people to make the vision a reality and we have been doing this for 5 years now and it sounds great .

Anylouder: Well Troy you came in this part of the country with White Lion and played alongside Firehouse and was termed as the mother of all rock shows and later with Lost angels.How was the experience and has anything changed?Any plans of reuniting with White lion or Pretty Boy Floyd ? You have cited Enuff Znuff as your inspiration .Tell us a bit about it .

Troy: It was a great experience and probably one of the best ones playing infront of 42,000 fans and being my first experience here .I have got lifelong friends from here because of that.I returned a year later with Lost Angels and it is one my favourite places to come to and play.We always pass through Guwahati but never got a chance to play here and this city being a hub ,we are quite thrilled to play here .

Well if Mike ( Tramp) thinks about it maybe but i don’t think PBF is happening.It was a fun time though.Yes Growing up in Chicago they were the big band and i was drawn towards it.

Anylouder: Is there any chance of the Sunset strip era of Glam rock coming back in kind of a whole new revolution?

EJ: Sunset strip is never coming back .It was like Woodstock, but yes musically and by looks we still have bands doing those kind of stuff.We still see a lot of people dressing in that era and sounding like them .We were in the Northwest of the United states and there was a band that was opening for us and they were even 21 and they were playing 80s stuff.We just want live rock n’ roll to keep happening.

Gilby: The younger generation needs to pick it up .When we first started we were listening to Led Zeppelin , Kiss, Aerosmithand we had bands that were succesful and after that but now we need bands to pick up the tailend.

Anylouder: After Glam and the 80s faded away everyone got into different things.So how did you guys coped up with different projects?

Gilby: I play rock n’ roll guitar and as an individual i try to fit into a band i am comfortable with.There are people who are like Chameleons who can fit in any bands but at the end of the day its just about finding the right sound.Its not about being loud or soft .Just being able to play to the core.I still play with Slash and the Gn’r guys.

Anylouder: Tell us a bit about how Rockstar Supernova come about? When you look back at the Use your Illusion tour playing countless dates infront of thousands of people , how did it feel as a musician to be up there with the peer pressure of performance. How was the experience playing alongside Slash ?

Gilby: Mark Burnett , the producer of the show came out with the idea and rather than already having an established band we thought of taking something new and what better way than television of finding a singer for the band.We gave it the best shot and being on TV was fun but being in the band was not (laughs).With Gn’r it was easier .you just neede to focus on your part and everything was all good and i still play with the guys and did talk with Slash recently about shows we were doing and it hasn’t changed.He gave a lot out to me and i got to learn from him .

Anylouder : The musical upbringing or a child’s upbringing in general is quite different in different countries.How important a role did your family and the people around you play in your music?

EJ: My parents had zero influence on my music but my elder brother got me into music and was my main influence and Kiss is my favourite and we never knew that India was so well euipped with rock n’ roll and that made it even a greater and fun experience for us playing here.

Gilby: My parents were supportive and they didn’t really fight it.I had a band and we used to jam in our garage and later had a set up in my room with drums and things .I think at that time when they saw their kids passionate about something, they wanted to be supportive cause there are so many bad things kids could get into and seeing that i was into music they supported me.

Troy: My family is musical and my brother who is a bass player was gigging in bars when he was 12 and they supported us .I am sure they won’t mind us being doctors or lawyers (everyone laughs) but they didn’t care about it.They are still supportive to this day.Presentation1

Anylouder: Gilby our readers would really want to know about Candy, your first band?

Gilby: It was my first band and we are talking about early 80s and stuff and i found an ad in a magazine saying they needed a guitar player between Bowie and T-Rex and it was right up my alley.So i called them and we made a record and toured with Rick Springfield and Corey hart and played in big arenas but the timing was kind of wrong.We were before Poison and Gnr and we were on Mtv everyday but it wasn’t big back then and i think when Poison and Gnr came along they were stronger bands.

Anylouder: How important is touring and what advice would you give to upcoming musicians?

Gilby: I Always tell younger musicians to be original .Its ok to have inspirations but don’t be your inspiration.Don’t try to copy and bring something new .Do something that hasn’t been done.

Anylouder: Your message for your fans:

G,T and E : We love India and have had amazing experiences and met amazing people and thank you for being there to support us all the way.We will come back soon !!!!!


Although the show got washed the Anylouder Team is proud to bring the exclusive conversation to all the fans !!!!!!!!






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