When Power shows its Ugly head : Hit Assamese movie Local Kung Fu 2 shown the door at cinema halls inspite of sold out shows !!!


Even before its release ” Local Kung Fu 2 ” created a buzz for an Assamese movie that hasn’t been seen since the fag end of the glory days of Assamese cinema. Creating a cult name in itself after the first movie , the second installation upon its released created an widespread fascination and enthusiasm amongst cine goers to watch the movie in the halls. That is a rare sight in itself to say the least , but then it did something that would bring life into independent film makers and artists of the region . It was a sold out and you could barely get tickets on the show day . It was booked. LKF2 has broken all boundaries and has assured us that good work and dedication never goes unnoticed. The movie was crowdfunded and the response was overwhelming . After release , it even surpassed big shots like Fate of the Furious , Begum Jaan and Baahubali 2 over popularity in the region. 

Sadly though , the hall owners are treating the movie as if it has no value which is an utter shame. They are removing the movie out of the theaters to project Baahubali 2 , which however big a movie it may be , stands no where when compared to the local sentiments and loyalty the Assamese cine goers have for the Local Kung Fu franchise and most importantly the quality of the movie. They won’t give a single time slot with thousands of fans still waiting to see the movie making a bee line at the halls. Lobbying and power has again shown its ugly head .Its like you wont stand a chance against someone pulling the greens sitting somewhere else and dictating what movies to show and when not caring at all for what a team has to go through to make an independent movie , and most importantly not giving the sentiments of local people peanut’s worth. It would have been understandable had the movie not fared well but it has been a rage at the halls. The movie blew the roof up when it got released and received standing ovations . But then again , who cares for quality when you can mint money with some good old masala and average stuff .

Its the state of affairs almost everywhere now , but it is much more serious here as LKF2 was the right kind of inspiration and gateway for Assamese films to again make a comeback . The independent film makers and artists had reason to believe again when it was released . But will that count now ?.Will you step forward and make a movie knowing no matter how good your movie is you will ultimately get shunned off ?


Its high time the industry gets together in support of LKF2 and makes such a strong stand on the issue so that the hall owners are bound to extend the screening of the movie for at least another week .Lets come out and act and show our support !!!



PLEASE SHARE WIDELY: THE OUTSIDER LOBBY IS TRYING TO REMOVE LKF 2 FROM ALL SHOWS AND THOOSO BAHUBALI. If our film was a flop it'd be understandable. But it's doing very well at several centres. ARE WE GOING TO LET NON-ASSAMESE PEOPLE THROW OUT A HIT ASSAMESE FILM FROM THEATRES? Would a hit Tamil/Telegu/Marathi film ever be removed for a huge Assamese film? SHOULD WE START #ASSAMBOYCOTTSBAHUBALI ? What's the point of making a hit Assamese film if everytime Bollywood/Kibawood lobbies remove them and we can't even recover our budget? Might as well stay and work in Mumbai

Posted by Local Kung Fu on Tuesday, April 25, 2017

By : Ashiqur Rohman


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