METANOIA ,the biggest College Metal Fest is back at TECHXETRA REBOOT 2017 !!!


The Seventh Edition of METANOIA, one of the biggest College Metal Fests will get underway with TECHXETRA, REBOOT 2017 at the Tezpur University Grounds from 3rd November, 2017. Metanoia has proved to be one of the most integral and followed event at Tezpur University’s Annual Fest ‘Techxetra’.

This year METANOIA gets even bigger with Pune based Experimental Metal band “NOISEWARE headlining the Event . The band opened for Porcupine Tree in Mood-indigo Live wire(2009) and got featured in Rock Street Journal’s ‘Breaking Boundaries 5’compilation album along with International names like Animals As Leaders, Cyclamen, Chimp Spanner.


Metanoia : Battle of the Bands,is the cardinal event of METANOIA , where Rock/Metal bands take part in competition to bag the winner’s title. Past winners include Dark Carnage, Ticks Talk, The Last
Exorcist, Press Select, Lost Theory and Tyrrhenian who have gone on to become some of the most well known bands in the region.

METANOIA has had some of the most well known bands of the country and abroad headlining every year and the list of which includes Bhayanak Maut, Melodrama, LucidRecess, Euphoria, Parikrama, Sycorax, Yonsample, Underside and Aberrant .

With a footfall of over 23,000 in TechXetra and Metanoia being one of the largest metal fest in the Northeastern region, an even bigger turnout is expected in the seventh edition of METANOIA , and the tenth edition of TECHXETRA REBOOT – 2017.

Past Headliners and Winners
Year      Headlining Band            Winners Of the Battle of
2011      Bhayanak Maut              Dark Carnage
2012      Melodrama                     Ticks Talk
2013      Sycorax                          The Last Exorcists
2014      Yonsample                      Press Select
2015      Underside                        Lost Theory
2016      Aberrant                          Tyrrhenian




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