Instrumental Rock Guitarist Shehzad Bhanji releases ” Profound Beginnings ” !!!


Shehzad Bhanji may not be a household name yet as far as instrumental Guitar Rock is concerned but he did leave a mark with his debut album ” Never say Goodbye ” last year . Residing in Doha , Qatar  this talented guitarist is also a financial marketer established in Doha itself .

Shehzad was raised in Karachi, Pakistan and is a self taught guitarist .He draws inspiration from artists like Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Eric Clapton to influence the works he created. His music is unprecedented in that its powerful melodies and the various instruments he uses are vast and wide. He uses instrumentals that force an emotional connection with its listeners. Shehzad doesn’t just seek to make music for his own enjoyment, he also takes his audience into consideration. Every melody, every beautiful texture, every blend of sound narrates a story that takes the listeners on a unique inner journey.

His new album ” PROFOUND BEGINNINGS ” released last month and is available on SAAVN. The album has 8 tracks and is a blend of ambient rock and instrumental guitars with serene elements .

Profound Beginnings

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