Indie 101: The ultimate guide to the independent music industry in India !!!


Indie 101: The ultimate guide to the independent music industry in India is the definitive book on navigating and succeeding in today’s music industry, which focuses on the rise of the indie music industry in India and the myriad issues that plague any fledgling businessThe indie music scene in India has over the past few years built up steam and spawned multi-genre festivals, lucrative sponsorship deals and attained the status of an industry. The book provides key industry insight regarding management, record deals, live touring, PR, concert and festival production and publishing applicable to new and experienced artists, artist managers, promoters and anyone keen on making music their career. This book is the first of its kind; which focuses specifically on the Indian music market and is therefore indispensable for anyone interested in music. Indie 101 features interviews from prominent music industry professionals like Vishal Dadlani, Monica Dogra, Keshav Dhar, Atul Churamani, Tim Clark, Peter Jenner and more; making this a one-stop shop for all things related to the music business in India. The book is available on Amazon as well as on   –

“This is brilliant, what a book…the only information treasure out there” – Subir Malik (Parikrama)

“The survival guide to the music industry by Ritnika Nayan that every musician should read; a gem of a book by its youngest insider” – Achille Forler (Universal music publishing/Indian performing rights society)

“Indie 101 is thorough, insightful and informative” – Nirmika Singh (Executive Editor, Rolling

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stone Magazine)

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Ritnika Nayan is the owner of the music company ‘Music Gets Me High’ and has been working in the music industry for over 17 years in New York, London and India. She has worked with artists like Maroon 5, Nickelback, Counting Crows, Manu Chao, Guns & Roses, Nucleya, Advaita and Jalebee Cartel to name a few. Her expertise lies in artist management, and concert and festival production; having worked on events like Sula Festival, Ziro Festival, Eastwind Music Festival, Moto Spotlight etc. The British Council named Ritnika ‘The Young Music Entrepreneur’ runner up and she also won the prestigious Indiafrica Visionary Fellowship. Named one of the ‘Top Guns of India’ by India Today Aspire Magazine, Ritnika has spoken at various conferences and events like Music Expo in Los Angeles, the Electron festival in Geneva, Amsterdam Dance Event in Mumbai, TEDx – Pilani as well as at the University of Mauritius.

This is Ritnika’s second book on music, in 2010, she released Hub – India’s first book on electronic music in conjunction with Samrat B. and the Goethe Institut. More information can be found at


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