Chester Bennington- The Voice of a Generation !!!


Post Michael Jackson’s death , seldom have we seen a reaction like we saw when Linkin Park frontman and an icon of the modern generation , Chester Bennington committed suicide by hanging at the age of 41. Chester was the voice of this generation and when Linkin Park fans and music fans alike came to know about his demise , they only hoped it was fake. But it was not to be !!!

On 20th July , 2017,  Chester was found dead at his residence in Palos Verdes Estates, California from an apparent suicide. Mike Shinoda , Chester’s LP bandmate said he was shocked and heartbroken . Tributes poured in from the music and entertainment world alike as Imagine Dragons, One republic , Bryan Adams , Dwayne Johnson , Duff Mckagan , Matt Sorum , Timbaland and many other celebrities send in their condolences.


Chester Bennington , formerly of Sean Dowdell and Friends? and  Grey Daze , and after auditioning for a ska band called ‘ Kongo Shock ‘,  joined Linkin Park ( formerly Xero ) after a recommendation by Jeff Blue , the vice president of Zomba music. Mike Shinoda and Brad Delson were so impressed with Chester’s abilities that he was quickly recruited in the band as the lead singer. Originally called Lincoln Park , the band changed it quickly to Linkin Park to acquire the domain name . 


The band released their breakthrough album ” Hybrid Theory ” in 2000. The album spawned hits like ” Crawling ” which won them a Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance , ‘ One Step Closer ” and the ground breaking ” In the End ” which became a fan favourite. The world was taken aback with Chester and Mike’s vocal chemistry. A new Giant was born . A Giant which would in the coming years would completely change music on its head. LINKIN PARK had just begun.

Meteora saw the band catapult to the peak of the music mountain. Chester and Mike became instant idols for the generation. Linkin  Park became ” THE ” band .  METEORA became the best selling album of its time selling 7 million copies worldwide and being ranked 4 times platinum by RIAA. “Faint” , “Numb” , “Breaking the habit” were the new anthems.

Linkin Park went on to release 5 more albums with “One more Light” being the latest release and also the last  one with Chester in it .

Chester was always haunted by bad health and drug abuse. His constant battle with the two became well known to the fans and people alike. Sexual abuse , divorce of his parents , drug abuse all before the age of 18 took a heavy toll on Chester. He was seen talking about it often and in an interview he even spoke about not liking anything at all. He could barely go to the recordings of Meteora due to extreme health issues and even had to leave the shooting of ‘Numb’ halfway through to receive surgery.

Bennington was devastated by the passing away of close friend ‘Chris Cornell’ ( who also committed suicide ) and sang Leonard Cohen’s classic “Hallelujah” at his funeral. And it was only too heartbreaking to know that Chester took his life on Chris’s Birthday. He was also the Godfather to Cornell’s son , Christopher.

Chester was found dead by an employee on July 20 , 2017 at 9 am . He is survived by his wife and his six children.

Chester Bennington has left a void in every fan’s heart that might take some time to fill up. A generation and more mourns the death of their favourite music icon. Linkin Park might be looking at the dusk with Chester gone. Fans might be feeling it too. As the phoenix rose , so did it flew away !!!


Anylouder’s heartfelt condolences to Chester Bennington and his family.


Born: March 20, 1976

Died: July 20, 2017



By:  Ashiqur Rohman




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