Exclusive interview with Vijay Nair- The man behind NH7 Weekender and OML !!!


Does the advert of Nh7 Weekender on social media sites every year put a smile on your face ? Do you get all excited to witness the happiest festival in India every year happening near you ? Meet the man behind one of the biggest music festivals in India – Mr Vijay Nair . From being a college dropout and starting his own business at 18 and managing bands , Vijay has time and again paved a way for young concert promoters , entrepreneurs and dreamers alike and created a benchmark for the upcoming generation of people . Here’s a candid chat with the man prior to this edition of the festival .

Hi Vijay welcome to Anylouder . How have you been ?

Hey hi , I am doing good .

How are the preparations coming up for Weekender this year ?

Its been going good. Its a larger edition this time around and we have been preparing to get more people in and obviously there are much bigger artists too. The preparations are always smooth because we start much in advance. Its never a last minute thing. We typically wait about a month after the fest gets over to start for the next edition. It normally is always smooth.

Starting so early in the business , what were the hurdles back then . What about the support from your family ?

I started very early with managing bands but there as no issue with family support . It wasn’t that hard as when i started it really clicked on. Things were pretty much smooth from early on and i didn’t face much hurdles as such.

You do have a connection with the Northeast and been in Guwahati too back then , haven’t you ?

Yup many times . I came to the Northeast very early on , probably 2003-04 and have been visiting the place constantly since then.

This year’s edition of Nh7 Weekender has its venues reduced to two for the main fest . Why is that ? There were also rumours that Meghalaya won’t be a venue next year . Is that true ?

The venue this time is roughly 15 times from the other times and the plot is about 8 to 10 acres. Its a much much bigger venue and the preparations has been bigger and better than before .We have been building the venue keeping the next five years in mind and the plan is to do the Fest and continue with it and the Meghalaya will be a venue for the coming years .

What do you think needs to change for event promoters,organisers and entrepreneurs in the field of music and arts for them to make something good happen ?

I think that needs to happen more in smaller towns in India as opposed to gigs happening just in Mumbai , Bangalore etc. The most important thing we need right now is a lot of local concerts and a bigger grass root programme is the number one need of the hour.

Have you thought about Guwahati as a venue anytime soon for Weekender or any other plans for the city ?

The way things have panned out in Meghalaya, we haven’t thought about it but yes maybe concerts in Guwahati in the future is a possibility.

Any last words for our readers 

Really looking forward to seeing you guys at the festival. We have some of the biggest names in  Steve Vai , Textures and Dillinger Escape Plan taking stage this time around. So looking forward to see all the rock fans and music lovers turning up for the fest.





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