Interview with POETS OF THE FALL- Frontman Marko Saaresto gives an insight into the band’s music and history !!!


When we talk about modern rock , one band that pops to the mind is POETS OF THE FALL. The Finnish Alternative rockers have created a huge impact on the global scene with their blend of unique and unconventional rock music. ” Carnival of Rust ” ,their hit single is considered a modern rock anthem . We caught up with front man Marko Saaresto to discuss about the band , the music and much more !!!


 Hi Marko. Welcome to Anylouder .How have you been ?


Hello, very well, thank you, keeping busy.


POTF initially had a lot of trouble financially as we know. Take us through the initial years of struggle , making music and coming through all of it .


Oh, sure. It’s one of those stories where one comes to think, how the hell did we ever make it, but we did. We started the band together with Olli, our guitarist and myself. Captain came along very shortly after. We had an office in Olli’s beat up old car, but it was mobile and we could choose any scenery we wanted to see from our office windows, haha, so we sat there making our plans. Anyway, I basically had to sell my car and move out of my flat to live in my parents basement, just to have money to make the first album. Of course, we went broke four months before the release of the first album, and even though our first two singles were already playing on the radio and were making waves, we really had no idea if we’d ever make it in the music business. It was a harrowing time, but we kept working. Then the first album hit the stores and, boom, went number one. Our shows were suddenly sold out in numerous cities etc. It was quite a change going from not having money for food to playing full tours and the biggest stages.


Was ” Signs of life ” the turning point for the band ? 


I would say it was a good start, looking back after so many years and successful albums.


” Carnival of Rust ”  is a modern rock anthem . How did it come about ? Was the video to the song pre planned ?


Carnival of Rust was not written at one sitting or overnight. It was more of a process. The inspiration came in two parts, as I recall it. The first part was when we wrote the verses on a beach. It was a pretty awesome incident, as there we were, happily composing the song and as we were playing the song, people started to gather around us to listen. They would take off their headphones, stop talking, stop close to us as they we’re strolling by and we were gathering a crowd. That was the first clear indication that we were on to something. 

The second part was when I was writing the lyrics and I figured out what I was trying to say. I remember the whole concept of Carnival of Rust coming to me like a flood. It was very intense. A good memory.

The video came after the song. We think it turned out great and we worked with an awesome director who had great ideas how to bring our ideas into the video.


How was ” CLEARVIEW ” received . How has the band’s sound evolved over the years?


We’ve had so much great feedback from our fans all over the world, so all in all we think Clearview was very well received. Even better than we expected. It’s always a bit of a gamble, writing a new album, as we do morph our sound along the way to fit our personal likes and new ideas etc. So over the years I see our sound going from lighter to rockier to grindier to darker to airier and now more organic. I wonder what the future will hold. 


The lyrical content of your songs are quite absorbing and deep. Does every song you write draw inference from personal experience or worldly affairs or do they have fictional elements too?


Very good. All of the above. In appropriate measure.


Being live, in different corners of the world always is beautiful yet a challenge too. Do you guys prepare yourselves differently for different regions while touring?


Sure, the world is such a many faceted place, with all its different climates and cultures and so on, that one does need to take a lot of things into consideration, whether it’s a show or transport you’re planning, or what you eat or wear, all the way down to what vaccines one might need. It’s a job that requires a certain measure of practicality and problem solving capabilities.


Finland has produced some great bands for sure, but as people are curious about the roots of music scene in any country, what does Finland has to offer?


The traditional music in Finland has long roots and is beautifully intermingled with the musical traditions of other cultures. Closer to today, but still in the earlier part of the 1900’s we have many very prominent classical composers. Classical music has a firm place in the Finnish culture. The popular music culture is younger than that of the rest of the western world, but it’s now nicely coming of age and because of it’s youth, it has some very new and fresh vibes to offer in over many genres.


How was the India experience. Tell us about one particular thing you found unique about India.


Where to start. India is very different from most places we’ve been. It’s unique and mysterious, very much alive and full of fire. We’ve always loved the food scene and our crazy, enthusiastic Indian fans. I remember coming to India for the first time, and marvelling at the monkeys vaulting through a jumble of high tension wires over the street and the unbelievable huge wasps living in a hive at the balcony where we stayed. I think the stinger alone was like an inch long.


Where do you think POTF stands today as a band? Where do you want to see yourselves in the next 10 years?


I’d like to think we stand firmly on our own feet, firmly planted on solid ground. Over the next ten years we’d like to see us writing more and more music, savouring every nuance along the way. I also think it’s very important to stay in the here and now and enjoy each day like a favourite meal. 


Talk us through your future projects.


I wonder what I’m at liberty to say. We’re keeping busy touring and writing music, and we’re also planning more music videos, as well as adding some really cool, new video material this year on our Youtube channel, so stay tuned and check it out.


Thank you Marko. Leave a message for your fans.


Thank you so much. And thank you to all our fans in India. You know who you are. Stay true and listen to your daily Poets of the Fall favourites to keep you happy! You can find us on our Youtube channel and on itunes. Peace!

Interviewed by : Ashiqur Rohman 



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