Exclusive Interview with Heavy Metal Legends ” NITRO ” after their reunion !!!


 NITRO is back….Yes you heard it right. The 80s heavy metal icons are back with a lot more than you would ever have guessed. The band is back with a new line up that includes drum icon CHRIS ADLER ( Lamb of God/ Megadeth ) and a new bassist which will be announced soon along with original members JIM GILLETTE and Guitar Legend MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO. Anylouder caught up with the band and took an exclusive interview of the band :


1. How did the idea of the reunion came about?

Michael called and said NITRO had received an offer from a record company. I was pretty surprised as we hadn’t discussed anything prior. Mike then asked if I wanted to do NITRO – make an album and tour. I said – let’s do it – but NO record company this time!

2. What are your plans for the new album and on touring?

The plan is to make some kick ass heavy metal. Make the best songs possible. Play tons of shows and travel the world. Mike told me how great the people of India are and I can’t wait to play there!

3. Will the band shy away from the glam sound?

NITRO is heavy metal. Back in the day we were under contract with a record label and consequently, they had a lot of influence over us because they paid the bills. NO MORE! We are in charge
now. NITRO is and forever will be METAL. Nothing more – nothing less. 100% HEAVY FUCKING METAL. No more suits telling us how to dress, how to play, sing, etc. This will be the first NITRO album that we have complete control of. Super excited about our newfound freedom. We will deliver the goods!

4. What have you been doing lately?

Raising my boys who are now 19 and 15 years old. I’ve also been training in Jiu Jitsu for the last 20 years and have won five World Titles in the Super Heavy Weight, Ultra Heavy Weight and Absolute divisions. Most recently I have been doing a lot of writing and singing. Life is good!


1. How do you look to proceed with Nitro? Will you curb your solo performances now?

We are proceeding as our song “Freight Train” goes, “full speed ahead, I’ll see you at the TOP!” Jim Gillette is an “unstoppable force” as well as being an amazing singer and frontman. Chris, in my opinion, is the greatest Metal Drummer on the planet. My focus is 100% NITRO so yes, I’m going to drastically curb my solo performances.

2. Who will be playing the bass? Are you planning on re-releasing some of Nitro’s earlier stuff along with new material?

Every album NITRO recorded has already been re-issued by our original label. We are doing a press release soon to introduce the bass player. All I can say is that it’s going to blow minds!

3. How did Chris Adler come into the mix? Is it a sign that you guys might be moving to a newer sound?

Jim and I were writing songs in my studio. We were putting some great drum beats to the new songs and the more we wrote, the more the music screamed “Chris Adler”. Jim is the one that suggested Chris. I immediately said “YES!” We got in touch with him, everything moved forward and the rest is history!

4. Any message to fans in India and our readers from the Band?

As you know, I have been to India performing many times. I love performing in India – the fans are amazing, the country is amazing. I love the food and more. NITRO will be touring India in 2017. It’s going to be incredible! We are all looking forward to it. India ROCKS!




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