Indie Pop Icon LUCKY ALI talks about new album , Assam and much more in an exclusive interview with Anylouder !!!


Lucky Ali is a name that every music lover in the country probably knows. The 90s and early 2000s were synonymous with Lucky Ali. He made music that would forever change the indie pop scene back in the days. His album ” Sifar ” became a cult classic , an iconic album that made hearts swoon with its ethereal songs. Two decades later the man is still doing live performances to packed venues and creating music with the same magic. We caught up with the man to have a candid chat with him about his music and the future ahead !!!

Hi Lucky welcome to Anylouder. What’s happening for you lately ?

LUCKY : We are in the final leg of our new album which we are putting together in Bangalore and we don’t have a title for it though yet but its the music that me and my band has been able to put together now.

Tell us about your musical upbringing . How was the support from your family ?

 Oh very proper , i mean the environment was very conducive to music so of course i was exposed to a lot of it. I was encouraged by the environment itself that was there .

How about Mehmood’s Saab’s support ?

Mehmood Saab was very encouraging. He wanted me to be an actor ( laughs ). Acting is fun but then i felt i was not really doing my thing , basically doing everybody else’s thing but mine.

Your albums are iconic in the indie pop scene and your videos were really ahead of time and people didn’t make videos like that at that point of time. How did you come up with the ideas and stuff ?

It was basically teamwork . We were a group of people that were ready to experiment and do things that were not necessarily accepted and was shocking to people . I have been very fortunate to have a father like Mehmood Saab who helped me pursue my dream and the people i was associated with had that same thinking and we carried on from there .

Back in the days when you started out to now , what has changed  ? Was it much difficult then to pursue music compared to now  with technical advantages ?

Well see difficulties are always there . Its been there before , now and will be there in the future and those things will be a part of your growth and your progress and there will be many failures before you pass . So that goes for every generation whether you have the technology or not . If you have the spirit thats what you need to take it forward .

How did the iconic SIFAR album come about ?

Yeah Sifar was a very special album for me . It was my second album and the pressure was on after the success of my first album to make another album like that and we stuck to what we do best , to create and use your own faculties and work with like minded musicians and friends and hence in time Sifar was there.

What was different when you ventured into Bollywood ?

Basically what happened was earlier on when our music started getting recognition they wanted us to do Bollywood songs like what we did in our albums . Many of the songs like Ek pal ka jeena were already done before , if you know what i mean , but it was re doctored and lot of work was put on those songs and it became how it is now .

Through all these years how has your audience changed ?

People get kind of surprised , we tend to get all kinds of fans and audience in our concerts and its changed over the years also as earlier it used to be my hardcore fans but now its everybody , its more like a festival because the exposure to music is more .

Do you think the social media sites and the music buying/selling platforms help a musician ?

I don’t know about the buying and selling . I am just a musician and i don’t know what they do over there .For me its been a failure whenever i have tried to sell my music ( Laughs ) . I can’t sell my soul. I end up giving it for free. I think i earn my value when i am doing concerts with my sweat on the stage . I just earn sweat value. The rest is just trying to cover our costs . Its not the music thats paying us , but the work on the concert floor .

After travelling all across the world , what advice would you give to young musicians on touring and learning from the world ?

No Baba i haven’t been all across the world ( laughs ) . I want to go to Antarctica and Russia and places .

Well when travelling and touring go with an open heart and don’t expect anything . Just expect to be at your best and do your best .When you give out that positive energy you get that energy back . If you go as a teen heart go as a teen heart . Be like a child , do music , spread good awareness.

Fan Question : Khanirup Dutta asks ” With The Vinyl Surge happening have you thought of reissuing any albums ” ?

Well i have been told about it but i have no plans yet . If it happens it will happen in time .

How was your experience in Assam ?

Always beautiful. Assam is very close to my heart . I have been to beautiful places like Guwahati , The banks of Brahmaputra , Halflong . What serene atmosphere , view and people . I have had some of the best concert experiences there and would love to go back anytime.


So when can we expect the new album ?

I don’t really know . Working on it and I can’t really put a date on it . I am not ambitious enough. When its ready its ready .

Thank you for your time . Wishing great success for you upcoming album. 

Hey bro its a pleasure . Give my love to everyone there. Stay blessed and have a great time ahead . Thank you !!!

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