A Candid Chat with Guitar Legend ” JOE SATRIANI “

Welcome to Anylouder Joe . How have you been ? Whats keeping you busy lately?
Touring the world, and getting ready for the G4 Experience in Long Island, NY.
Everyone know this yet I would like to ask – How did Jimi Hendrix’s death affect you ? What changed after that?
I was devastated by his untimely death. I decided that day to become a guitarist and to make music the main passion in my life. And, to never let celebrity or fame destroy it.
Tell us about your teacher -student relationship with Steve Vai?
I started teaching guitar at 15 years of age and one of my first students was fellow school mate Steve Vai. He was three years younger than me but possessed so much talent, it was a pleasure to teach him. We ultimately became best friends.JS_SS_PROJECTION_PUBLICITY - photo credit Chapman Baehler
Tell us a bit about The Extremist . How did the revolutionary album come about?
Originally, I wanted to make the record a tribute to my classic rock roots. It took three different attempts to get it right, but my perseverance paid off. John Cuniberti and Andy Johns helped me achieve my vision with their exceptional engineering and production skills.
How did G3 happen ? What was the central idea behind it ? Which was your favorite G3 moment?
In 1995 I started to feel that all my success as a solo artist was isolating me from my other guitar playing friends. I wanted to create an environment that would formalize getting together with other players and performing in front of an audience. G3 was the perfect solution. Every night we get onstage and get to interact with each other, watch and listen to each other, and all in front of our fans. Every G3 has been my favorite!
Tell us about your 2005 tour of India . How was the Experience?
Life changing and inspirational. The shows were wonderful experiences and the fans were the best part of the whole tour. 
How do you best describe your sound and style as ? Tell our readers about some of your techniques.Joe-Satriani-photo-credit-Larry-Dimarzio_04_014
I wouldn’t know how to describe my style to other people, I will leave that to the professional journalists and fans. I will use any guitar technique that my compositions require. With me it’s always: song first, then technique to serve the song.
How did Chickenfoot happen ? How is it like to be in a room full of iconic musicians like Sammy, you yourself , Chad and Michael discussing music?
Back in February of ’08 the four of us got together at a Sammy Hagar show in Vegas and played some songs for the encore. It went so well we decided to become a real band. They are the greatest bunch of guys to play with. It’s always fun and exciting when Chickenfoot work together.
9. Tell us about the gears you use and your association with Ibanez.
I design and play Ibanez JS signature guitars and run them through my signature Marshall JVM410HJS amps. I love the combination of these two iconic brands. I also like using the Fractal Audio Axe-Fxll as a signal processor.
Your album themes often include science fiction and other worldly topics . Elaborate your fascination for it.
Science fiction is really future science, it’s just too hard for most people to see it that way. I believe in science and therefore see sci-fi as a peak into our future.
Being nominated for Grammy 15 times, do you feel its something that has really been missing in your award shelf?
No, not really. I don’t have an “awards shelf”. That would be weird. 
Any association with Indian music ? Have you ever thought of collaborating with any Indian artist?
I enjoy listening to Indian classical music and have learned much from the magic it creates. I am not too familiar with the music scene in modern India today. What are the break-out Indian artists of 2016? I must Google this question when I finish this interview!
Give us a sneak peek into your future projects.
I’ve started to think about my next record but I like to keep all my options open until a few months before recording starts, which will be next Spring of ’17.
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A big ‘Hello and Thank You!” to all my fans in India. I hope to return someday to play more shows and experience more of India.
Interviewed by : Ashiqur Rohman ( Editor-in-Chief )
A special thanks to Melissa for helping me with the interview !!!!

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