Anylouder’s Exclusive Interview with Spanish Pop Sensations ” LAS KETCHUP ” !!!

In 2002 an all girls Spanish pop group made headlines all over the world. Known as LAS KETCHUP , the group released their single ” Asereje ( The Ketchup song ) ” and it became a worldwide sensation. The single sold over 7 million copies worldwide and the album sold over 12 million copies . The group became overnight sensations . But after the second album which as not received well , the group went into a hiatus post 2006. What happened to them ? Where are they ? We caught up with the  members to get an insight into what they are upto right now !!!
Hi , Welcome to Anylouder. How have you been ?
We are fine thanks !!!
What have you been doing lately ?
Lately we’ve been raising our children and our group working with the ketchup inside and outside our country. In addition, each of us have other occupations, Pilar for example is an actress , Lucia is flamenco singer, Dew is an entrepreneur and Lola is finishing Flamencology at the Conservatory of Cordoba.
Take us through your initial success story with ” THE KETCHUP SONG ” . How was the fanfare back then ?
We recall the time of the success of our first album with love, as we had the opportunity to travel around the world and learn about other cultures and many nice people. 
Tell us about your association with ” Manuel Queco Ruiz “
Our relationship with Manuel Ruíz Queco, has always been strictly professional.
Why did you guys didn’t release any material post 2006 after having sold moe than 12 million copies of ” Hijas del tomate ” ?
After our first work called “tomato daughters’, we recorded a second CD and continue to work and promotion. When we were working with this second album, our career was hampered by a judicial conflict between our two record companies, and then, we were not allowed to continue recording discs, even if we have continued to work at an even more relaxed level with the first album “daughters tomato”
 Being called a one hit wonder – Does that fit the bill for you ? Do you still perform together ?
We will continue to work together as long as the public demands. For us it is a plus point going to work together, because we do not live in the same city and that gives us the chance to see us and spend time together.
What do you guys do when you are not doing music ?
When we are not working with ketchup, each one of us is dedicated to our own life, and especially raising our children.
Has the group thought of performing in India ?
India is for us as a pending issue, as we feel India is an incredible country we have never visited and would love to spend time there working.
Tell us about your future projects .
On Future musical projects, we are planning to record new songs, now that we have been freed from record companies and we are currently evaluating various proposals.
Thank you . It was a pleasure . Leave a message for your fans .
To our Indian fans – we are keen to visit your country and to work there all the time you want. And we send kisses and hugs to all of you, wishing you all good.
Interviewed by : Ashiqur Rohman

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