A Candid chat with JOKER’S WHOOP !!!


1. Hello Guys welcome to Anylouder. Whats going on lately ?

JW:Greetings from Joker’s Whoop.Lately, we’ve been doing things, moved to New Delhi and are now strumming our strings. We have made a big change in our set-up and the genre we’re in now is Indie Synth-Pop/Rock. The music and band has changed as a whole, its just not anything that we’ve had before.

2. How did Joker’s whoop came into being? Tell us about your inspirations.

We started in December 2012 when we decided to participate in NE Rockz at Maniram Dewan Trade Center in Guwahati, just for the fun of making music. To our surprise, we we’re well appreciated by the crowd and the judges and their response is what made us start this journey.
We’ve had a lot of experiences so far and each one of us has our own share of dreams and stories we take inspiration from. It may be a simple song, a little picture, a movie or just a speech from a friend, we try to look for it everywhere, because anyone can get you inspired in life.

3. When you started out in the scene what were the factors that acted as a catalyst to your succes? What do you have to say about the Guwahati music scene now – right from the bands , shows to the organisers .

We’re still struggling to make our mark and settle down for good. There’s a long way ahead of us, hopefully, we’ll get the success that we need one day. But little efforts have helped us get where we are, and these will surely make a big difference to our lives in the future course of time.

Coming to the Guwahati music scene, it has evolved over the years. And with all the new events and festivals happening, people are finally getting out of their comfort zones to enjoy and have fun with music and art. If this continues, the bands and artists will get a head start of sort and a fan base will surely find its way to those who are good at their work.

4. Tell us a bit about your original materials.

Our originals are based on situations. Just a little happening can trigger a nice tune or melody and all of us just sit together now and give shape to the notes and a new song is born. We now have almost 6 new songs with the synthesizer in our new set-up and we’re planning to record and release them soon. It’ll all be available online from time to time.IMG_7680


5. Ten years from now where do you guys see yourself in the scene .

Ten years is a long time and if you’re asking us to find ourselves , we’d say that we’re in a big arena with lots and lots of people shouting out loud and enjoying with us. And we also eagerly want to be touring all of the world and live our dreams as soon as possible.

6. Tell us a bit about your best moments on stage . How important is touring places for you guys .

The good moments on stage usually happen when we’re given a big stage where we get to roam around and jump and also when we get an amazing sound experience. And the energy of people that we get to see from the stage just adds a whole lot of adrenaline into our performance. This has happened a few times now, namely at NIT Silchar, Dibrugarh University , both of which we’ve won. And many a times at Shilpagram, and on our tour to Kohima, that was really amazing..And also at the NORTH EAST Festival here in New Delhi last month. These are the moments we live for.
And touring has been fun. To spread our music and spread a good word about us, it is the most important thing. That’s our dream if we must say, making music and getting the people of the world to listen to it as we travel around.

7. Give us a sneak peek into your future projects .

We’re currently working on getting new stuff to make our music sound cool and out of the box. And we’re also looking for a record label and management to get our songs distributed and hit as many stages as possible. That’s all that we have kept in mind for now. Let’s just hope that tomorrow has something golden in store for us.

8. Leave a message for your fans. THANK YOU !!!!!

To all the people who’ve supported us so far, we’d like to say that we’re forever grateful and we’ll never forget the love that you’ve showed us right from the beginning. The hands that have applauded at the end of a song are the ones who’ve made us who we are.

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