Kangkan Nath : Breathing a fresh new life into the local music scene !!!


Born and brought up in Duliajan, Assam, KANGKAN NATH is an independent Studio / Live sound engineer , Dj and guitarist , Music producer / Composer and recordist presently based in Guwahati. He splits his time and energy between commercial Dj shows, live performances and recording/mixing/mastering  projects.  He holds many Certificates and degree in Music production and technology from International College of Music (ICOM) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where he learnt all  about Contemporary Music  Harmony and theory, ear training, recording and audio for film and television, surround sound, digital audio/MIDI, recording, synchronization, sequencing for music programming and automation, editing and mixing, live sound reinforcement methodology, technology and operation.13920215_1144832805575834_7823431104336796889_o 13903163_1142413299151118_5419316226185209558_n

Qualified and experienced in Audio production, he has been working on a freelance basis since August 2009, gaining professional experience alongside his studies. After finishing Studies,Kangkan gained further experience by working as an Intern at Studio 21:05, trained under award winning Producer Jedidiah Wong (Malaysia) and later got a job offer at Cross Roads Production and 6 Strings studio as Studio manager and Live sound engineer / FOH (Front Of House) where he gained touring experience in a variety of small to large venue for diverse range of events ranging from Music gigs, orchestra and clubs to weddings, workshops and seminars.

Apart from all the Production work, Kangkan enjoys playing and performing the guitar and has done many studio session projects. He was also the Guitarist of Persian Metal Band “Muted Channel” and performed in various venues like Hard Rock Cafe; Penang, Sangri – La, College fests and many Cafes and Bistros in and around Kuala Lumpur.

After coming back to India he moved to Guwahati where he has been working with many local talents and giving them the opportunity to record and produce in a studio like environment who cant afford to pay a lot money that other professional studio charges. His idea is to teach new and upcoming talents about the technical stuff which goes on behind recording and producing of a song / music and He was appointed as head of faculty (Music Production & Technology)  at Vibes School of Music . He has been busy these days doing freelance Live sound engineering at places Like Terra maya, Underdoggs and other live outdoor/Indoor gigs.

Since learning is a never ending process. He always dreamt of working with friends and explore different cities and places. “ Its my dream to work with friends as a team and grow together ’’ 



 TWIN CITY14040057_1146626202063161_519030749272374908_n

When asked about his new project TWIN CITY he quoted “I always Wanted to collaborate with the local Home Grown talents here . But I failed many times for silly things like Idea/Ego clashes, Dedication issues , time managements n a lot of factor. But Finally I met DJ Warris at Shine a light Music Festival @ Sa I Mika. Then everything changed. We came up with the Idea of performing together something unique. It took us a lot of time n practice as we were doing all experimental sets. Like playing Dj with live Guitar with delay effects n all. We are working on our full setup which is gonna be Live and unique.” Hence Twin CitY happened on June 2016 comprising of :

KangkanNath : Producer / Guitarist / Dj

TahMidWarris :Dj / Producer

Guest / Touring Vocals :JhonnyMarak and UpamHandique

Right after the formation we have done live gigs at

  • The Sundowner byt Gen Next @ NYX, Hotel Palacio
  • Narengi Club
  • Featured at The great North Eastern Momo fest.


They are planning their debut EP now  and for further details, you can join their FB page by just searching Twin City.

or just by checking out this link –

https://www.facebook.com/Twin-CitY-1036378119754637/?fref=ts ”




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