Jack Frost


Band Name: Jack Frost
From: Kolkata, India
Genre: Jackovian Rock
Line up :
Tom Thrush : Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar
Tamayanty : Lead Vocals, Bass
Rohan : Rhythm Guitar
Saikat : Drums
Sayak : Photography

Jack Frost is fresh , exuberant and quite singular in many ways. Their brand of “Jackovian rock “ , a term they coined themselves has a flavor which might catch on and make it in the long run. It is unique in its own frosty way. Jack Frost was formed in the year 2012 as “ D Generation” by multi-instrumentalist Tom Thrush and Tanmayanty.
The name “Jack Frost” was coined by Tom as it literally stands for the personification of frost. The name is taken straight from the dictionary. Over the years Jack Frost has been through a series of lineup changes, the most notable of these being their classic acoustic lineup of 2014 and their current Heavy Metal lineup consisting of Rohan on guitars and Saikat on drums along with Tom and Tamayanty.Jack frost

The band covers classic English rock artists like Megadeth, Queen, Dire Straits, Led Zeppelin, Ozzy Osbourne, Madonna, Alanah Myles, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Uriah Heep, Elvis Presley, Nirvana, Evanescence and many more!!! DSC_0089 copy
Their own compositions which are either in English or Bengali, follow their self-invented genre called “Jackovian Rock”. Jackovian Rock has few distinct features (few of them common with Progressive Rock). Every individual song has sections dedicated to a particular genre. If, for example, the song starts with blues, the next sections might be Hard Rock and then Heavy Metal respectively. The compositions are intricate, yet soulful and connectible. The songs are filled with elements from early Jazz, Blues, Funk, Rock n Roll, Hard Rock and even the mighty Heavy Metal….!!!


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