HEPAHOR BIHU : Celestial Way’s Grand Offering in this Season of Bliss !!!


Guwahati Based Super Group ” CELESTIAL WAY ” released their first official single titled ” HEPAHOR BIHU ” recently. Celestial Way was formed in 2015 by experienced and veteran musicians to reintroduce non-mainstream music to the mainstream. The band call their genre of sound as “Tangent Music” which can be considered as a variant of World Music !

The first thing that comes to mind when you listen to the song is – Its Fresh with an aura of Festive concoction of life , fun , happiness and bliss which is exactly what the festival of Bihu is all about . The song though is not a Bihu number but a modern jazzy blend of multilingual rock music which talks about the excitement associated with the said festival. The song is very well executed with a very alluring melodic presence to the whole premise. CW scores very well with its very first single and as told by the band there are many more to follow .

We caught up with the band members and this is what they had to say about the song and the working process and the bonding in the band :

Nibir Bhuyan : ” The song is not a Bihu song nor CELESTIAL WAY as a band wants to do Bihu songs. The song is about the festival and talks about the excitement that we all get when Bohag Bihu approaches” .

Queen Hazarika : ” The music which we do and the song we did is basically about celebrating life and friendship . The song is about the feeling we have about Bihu and in no way is a Bihu song . The song depicts about how we go back home and meet friends which is such a warm feeling. So why not celebrate it with a song .

The time we started from LEDO , when we got together and have been the strength of each is a reflection of our music . Its all about our lives , our experiences , how we are as people and the friendship in the band . That’s what we celebrate through our music. We are not a band who only does music , we are beyond that . We sometimes end up discussing Quantum Physics too at times ( laughs ) . We are trying to create music earnestly and plus we have friends like you at Anylouder and others , then supporters whose opinions and constructive criticism makes us even better . Like we have re-done the song thrice after taking feed backs from well wishers and that’s what makes it special . We are a family like no other and we value each other , our fans and well wishers and by continuing we will find the sound someday we are looking for . ”

Prasanta Das – ” The song is basically one’s feeling of the onset of the festival of Bihu , done completely in a blend of Jazzy blues powered rock music.

We as a band gel together so well which is such  an important factor for any band. We are very active , we work hard and always have the hunger to learn and excel . That makes us work . That makes Celestial Way work. ”

Tinkle Das – ” I was always looking for an oppurtunity to experiment on something like this and i got the chance here to do that and the band makes it even more special with its progressive mindset and also the respect for everyone’s opinion in the band .”


Nibir : Guitars I Vocals
Queen : Vocals I Piano
Prasanta : Bass I Programming
Jayanta : Synth I Keys
Tinkle : Drums I Percussion

Celestial Way  often invites seasoned vocalists for live performances. We have in the past seen the likes of David Goldsmith , Johnny Marak and others performing with them on various gigs . Prasanta das also adds ” We invite artists to perform with us on setlists that we think they can do justice to ”


Photo Courtsey : AllyPlay



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