Old Delusion is a Rock n Roll band, formed and founded in 2015 by Abhinab, Nishant, Mrinmoy and Arnab, and continued their jamming to get a permanent thing going. Later, Prasenjit Roy was included in the lineup, as a bassist.
Currently based in Guwahati, Assam, the band is known for the  energetic performances and their compositions. Heavily influenced by Old school rock/metal, the band tries to relive the golden eras of Rock “n” Roll.Nishant Mugly 20160527_161009

Their original inspirations draw from day to day life experiences, war, human behavior.. and such activities.

One of their own compositions, “Serenity Sells” was recorded on 5th September 2015, at Orange Studios. The song was released online via SoundCloud.

The band is currently up with their first EP, which is probably set to release in 2016.

Old Delusion are:
Mrinmoy Talukdar (Vocals)
Nishant Talukdar (Guitar)
Abhinab Kakati (Guitar)
Prasenjit Roy (Bass)
Yugantar Rudra Kashyap (Drums)

Past members:
Arnab Dasgupta (Drums)

Events performed/Competitions participated:
1. Techxetra Metanoia 2k15
2. Under The Sky River Festival
3. Jeevan Kite and River Festival (The Brahmaputra Campaign) 2016
4. Metropolis Acoustica 2016
5. Consensio Meteorite 2016 (Finalists)


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