Girls On The Rise – Kuhelika Roy Choudhury !!!!


Kuhelika Roy Choudhury is a talented singer hailing from a remote corner of Karimganj district in Assam. She is the lead vocalist of the band KRABBS and we caught up with her to know her story and bring it out to the people !!!!

About yourself –

I am Kuhelika Roy Choudhury, hailing from Karimganj District, located in a remote corner of this state of Assam. The accessibility to my native district from Guwahati city is still very much tough by road or rail. Here, it is worth mentioning that the communication problem creates a grand interruption for keeping inter-relation with the people to know each other as well as to learn cultures of variety around a person. But with the blessings and support of my parents and the Almighty, I could identify my passion and practised accordingly.


Musical upbringing and support –

I remember my elder sister’s sincere support and enthusiastic guidance. We are two sisters to our parents with a gap of 5 years from each other. My elder sister at her age about 5/6 years was admitted to a musical school to learn vocals and at home while she used to practice with the harmonium, I interrupted her meditation by making childish noises, taking away her vocal accessory as I was an infant at that time having no idea why my sister instead of playing with me had been absorbed with the wooden box. However, while I attained the age of 4/5 years, she very fondly shared that wooden box with me and asked to practice the vocals as she did. My parents, seeing my curiosity in music and the wooden box, admitted me in one of the local musical institutions where I completed my training in music.

School life and Guwahati –

During my school life, I had participated in lots of cultural programmes in various stages and tried utmost to present some satisfaction to the audiences and in turn I was awarded from various corners.

However, since my native town  not being sufficiently developed with the band-show performances and also having no sufficient instrumental stock, I after passing the 12th class examinations from Karimganj, decided to proceed with my further study in Guwahati as I expected to proceed with my cultural line beside my studies. Now I am a B.Com 5th sem student of K.C Das Commerce College at Chatribari, Guwahati and meanwhile, I am associated with some cultural organizations here and have demonstrated myself as a singer under  the co-operation of some cultural organizations, and also thank God for giving me a chance to establish a music school named Fusion Beat at Rehabari, Guwahati, where I can feel the pleasure of seeing handicapped or poverty-stricken students and normal kids learning music and exploring their passion at the same time.

Your band ” KRABBS ” –

I am highly thankful to my band KRABBS, as they have choosen me as a singer/host in their teams and afforded me with the chance to participate and demonstrate in the grand stage before the world famous singer Usha Uthup last 30th of July, 2016 at Pragjyoti ITA Centre, Machkhowa.


Any message through Us –

I would like to thank the  Any Louder team for giving me a chance to share my journey till date with the lots of people and encouraging me in my way ahead.


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